Terry Edwards
Mike Clark
Sandy Flynn
Thom Jenkins
Fred Hubbard
Woody Jenkins
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Cullowhee creates "mountain rock" music with roots at Western Carolina University.

Cullowhee is the name of the small town in North Carolina that's the home of Western Carolina University. It's also the name chosen by a group of musicians who started a band there in 1974. The band lasted until 1984.

Starting as a trio, Edwards, Clark, and Flynn, the band grew to six pieces and created a musical sound they called "Mountain Rock" - a combination of folk, country, gospel, pop and rock. They were "Americana" before there WAS "Americana."

Each band member wrote songs encompassing styles including pop, rock, country, folk, jazz, reggae, and other styles, and played a multitude of musical instruments. Every set featured segments by each member - a show within a show. The mixture of personality, music, comedy, and sincerity made a connection with many audiences.

Cullowhee lives on through the music and love of their fans.


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